One day I met a deer and then the hunter and I faced the mountain,

and it was from here that I started my ode to Vajont and this words were echoing

in my mind


Before the winter,

Before the dawn,

Before the shadow,

Before the jump,

Before the echo,

Before the silence,

Before the crash,

Before a goodbye,

Before you and me.



In just a few moments, the Vajont tragedy swept away thousands of years of history, in the landscape and its shape, not to mention the economies and social structures that defined a small mountain community like Erto e Casso.

I believe that photography, in the fragmented nature of its storytelling, can be an exceptional narrative tool for reflecting on the identity of a place, due to its capacity to travel through space and time and to stop still realities otherwise in continual evolution.

I have been influenced by the stories I have heard about the moments before the tragedy, before everything changed forever.

I chose the word “submerged”, and through it, I started to envision my story of Vajont.