Open Spine: Independent publishing as a toolbox


I spent  an intense summer of collaborations at Minimum Studio curating events linked to the independent publishing scene with Chiara Capodici (Leporello, Italy), Giuliana Prucca (Avarie Publishing, France) and Magali Avezou (Archipelago, France) and I have kept following the idea of publishing as an artistic practice. In (self)-publishing, I have found the freedom and power of constructing broader frames for images, and so I have come to elect the book as a medium to convey my practice – in terms of content, by making small editions of artist’s books with my pictures, and in terms of curating, by selecting and bringing together other artists’ work in order to find new meanings. I will talk about my practice in "Open Spine: Independent publishing as toolbox", a lecture at the RUFA Academy in Rome on January 22, and I will contribute to "Art as research: Practice and theory around the creation process in artistic and scientific research", a panel in Naples, together with Alessia Bernardini, with whom I collaborated last summer in leading a fanzines workshop for MAROSI, a platform dedicated to creative processes (more details to come).