The Invisible Cities/Porto Design Summer School’17



Some snapshots from the final mock up of the project The Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, developed during the summer school of éditorial design  by Andrew Howard (UK/PT),  with tutors  Hamish Muir (UK), Catherine Griffiths (NZ) and David Pearson (UK), where I was involved in this summer. The book was a collaboration between eleven of us: each designer created a series of five pieces based on the eleven thematic groups (according the 11 chapters of Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino). As a designer devoted to photography -mine in this case- I worked more with the layout of pictures (so happy about digging in my archive) than with graphic elements; but I’m sure the alchemy of the work is the contamination between us (and book as éditorial project offers so many layers to explore). It has been very  exciting to work with an international team like this, and I look forward to crossing our paths again.





The designers and coordinating themes appearing in the book are as follows:


Ella Egidy

Cities and memory


Ianthe Bato

Cities and desire


Pascal Möll

Cities and signs


Leslie Cheng

Thin cities


Holly Zeng

Trading cities


Mia Breitenmoser

Cities and eyes


Michela Palermo

Cities and names


Jacob Harris

Cities and the dead


Jeram Yunghun Kang

Cities and the sky


Catherine Wieczorek

Continuous cities


Jørgen Brynhildsvoll

Hidden cities