So we jump!

It has been such a good pleausure working and sharing my passion for photography inside ONOFF PICTURE.

I thank you guys for all this time we spent together! Looking forward for the next..



On 2 October 2014, the OnOff Picture team got together in Rome for our annual meeting. This year marked five years since the agency’s establishment, and at the meeting, we reflected on what we have accomplished in this time. OnOff Picture Photo Agency sprang up in the Italian market in 2009, just after the biggest Italian photography agency decided to close. Bringing together some of the most talented photographers in Italy, we faced the market as a group, concentrating on developing and deepening our knowledge and sharing our passion for photography.


Over five years, in a myriad of ways and thanks to collaborations with some of the finest figures in the field through festivals, workshops, meetings, awards and just the daily routine, we created and developed a network which has been able to cross boundaries in Italy and internationally, giving all of us the opportunity to grow and to challenge ourselves as individuals and as photographers. We accomplished important results together, and now, we have decided to go our separate ways.


OnOff Picture would like to thank everyone who has made our run possible. There are so many of you out there and we thank you all for your kindness, your generosity, and for having faith in us and our work. We would especially like to thank all the photographers and photo editors who have encountered the OnOff Picture project and who have informed the story of this agency with their own enthusiasm, passion and commitment to photography. It has been a pleasure to share this journey with you all. We look forward to all our paths crossing again soon.


The OnOff Picture Team


Pietro Vertamy, Lisa Golden, Albert Bonsfills, Alfredo Covino, Alvaro Deprit, Pietro Masturzo, Francesco Millefiori, Fabrizio Nacciareti, Michela Palermo, Graziano Panfili, Alessandro Penso, Alessandro Toscano, Valentina Vannicola