ONEROOM Books is proud to introduce a new format of

initiatives, ONE open ROOM, becoming a kind of a temporary

studio available for invited authors to express and talk about

themselves and their work in total freedom.

The first appointment will see Michela Palermo as hostess on

October 23rd and 24th presenting Re_framing, a printed matter

installation from her ongoing project The Untitled box, which will

remain on show until November 3rd.



"If photography is an everlasting fight against disappearing, if it

serves as a trace, as a recourse and a reminder of something that

has been; if it is the result of a chemical inscription of a brief

moment, my work sets forth the possibility of subverting all of this.

It is an attempt to show the fragility of my own vision: the

possibility to accept and perhaps welcome a non-linear existence,

as if what has happened has never happened, or has happened

in a suspended time elsewhere, in a dizzying network of uneven,

divergent and parallel times, which my gaze cannot witness, but only guess.

These beating of eyelashes take shape in publications where the

book (as object itself, where the order is postulated by the pages,

the number of it, the dimensions, and by the relationship between

the white and the weight of images) re-establishes a vision made

up of combinations and infinite possibilities of association.

I photograph to forget and to rewrite from the beginning what has been.”

(Michela Palermo)




On display the publications, a series of silver gelatin prints, a

collage of xerox prints on usomano paper and acetate made on

site and serigraphy posters.


Opening October 4th at 6pm (The exhibition will run until)

November 3rd 2018


Artist reception

October 23rd 24th



Piazza dei Satiri, 55

00186 Rome



Open from Tuesday to Saturday 4pm - 7pm

or by appointment