Where are you from? Where do you live?

I was born in small town in the south of Italy, an inland area of Campania.

I mostly live in Napoli now.¬

How old are you?


How do you pay your bills? Are you working as a professional photographer?

I’m paying my bills with photography since not so much time. It’s not easy. Often, productions times are not the same as pays times.

And, as freelance, if they will belated with the pays you can not do much more of waiting. And you have to keep invest in your personal research.

I have small solution: sometimes I do like microcredit with a friend of mine, we lend money each other, it could be useful.

What cameras do you use?

A fujifilm  6x7, and I have few cameras for playing around, like toy cameras or a nice compact camera I’ve stolen to my mother.

And for editorial or commercial photography I’m shooting digital, there are too much advantages when you are in a rush.

Any photographer or artist inspiring you?

A lot. I’m continually inspired from things I like. People around could be inspiring. Cannot make a list. I just saw something from Pax Paloscia, she is in New York, doing painting, photography, video, changing napkins. She’s great.

What/who do you enjoy to shoot the most?

I would say people. And trees. But maybe just because I think people sometimes stand as trees…

Do you believe in god?

Kinda of, I believe in the Universe and in the power of the small things.

What do you drink on a night out?

Beers… with chips.

Do you like dancing?

I do. And most of time I like it very much.

What’s your favorite first name?

Can’t say. Maybe Michele, it was the name of my grandfather.

That’s why my name is Michela!  But i do like better Michele.

Aurora is not bad.

Are you a fashion addicted?

I’m not dying for fashion.

But I enjoy stuff, clothes, and i have fun to put them together.

What’s your favorite tv series?

I have a problem with series, I’m not enough disciplined to follow them.

But I have good friend who really enjoyed series, and I use to ask her all story in one shot. And so my favorite now is Shameless, we just talked about this few days ago.

Recommend us a book.

Your family book album.

What’s the country of your dreams?

Too much places to go.

Have you ever been to Iceland?

I’m planning to go next year.

What song would you choose for a slideshow of your work?

The Books - A True Story of a Story of True Love - The Lemon of Pink

Ask yourself a question. Tell me your answer (like Marzullo does)

What’s your favorite meal?

Breakfast. The best things can happen during breakfast.