DER*LAB and Agrorinasce present


Im/Mobili Resti



opening in Casal di Principe




Camorra, an Italian crime organisation, has killed more than 600 people. Racketeering has had control over solid urban and toxic waste for 30 years. These are the numbers that identify the actions of criminal gangs in Casal di Principe and its neighbouring towns. This area, located in the administrative constituency of Caserta, right in the heart of the so-called "Terra dei Fuochi" (Land of Fires) is one of those parts of Italy where racketeering is at its strongest. Nowadays, following the arrest of thousands of people, which dismantled the vast network of criminal activity that had been dominating the area for years, the Italian government has confiscated more than 200 properties. This project asks itself what happens to the treasures that were once owned by the gangs' bosses after they have been confiscated. In order to give a new destination to confiscated estates, six local boroughs have founded the Agrorinasce consortium. The organization manages the goods that have been taken away from camorra and it open calls for their reuse, becoming a warrant of the transparency of their reassignment to social groups operating in the third sector. Im/Mobili Resti is a project by Irene Alison and Michela Palermo, curated by DER*LAB and produced by Agrorinasce. It aims to reflect the emotional geography of the area of Casal di Principe and of the towns that are involved in the actions of the consortium. It investigates, through symbols and images, the identity shift that has been put forth by the process of requalification of confiscated goods, while including in the reflection the inhabitants of the area.


The installation of the project is taking place in a house confiscated from the Camorra. The property will be repurposed for socially beneficial uses soon and will become one of the 120 properties brought back to the collectivity through the action of the consortium AgroRinasce. My pictures are glued to the walls and they will be destroyed as soon as the restoration of the building will start. There is still time in between to visit the exhibition and I'm going to take over the Instagram of Doll's Eye Reflex Laboratory posting some contents from the project, So keep an eye on it!