"DREAMING LEONE involves a heady mix of nostalgia and history and with that, a complex intertwining of different ways of aesthetic communication. History is not a matter of one-way traffic but, rather, something that is fueled by both 'mimesis' and 'poises'. Photography and cinema are as much resemblances of matter of fact as that they are a poetic action of transforming and continuing the world, and the images in Dreaming Leone are functioning as the aperture of that matrix."

(Text by Erik Vroons from Dreaming Leone)

Alvaro Deprit's work Dreaming Leone on the Spaghetti Western film industry in his native Spain,

has evolved into a photobook collaboration with me.

We are delighted to announce DREAMING LEONE has just been self-published and it is ready to be shipped to you.

You can order directly through Alvaro Deprit's website.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.