‪‎CUTTINGYOU!‬ is one of the 3+1 workshops organized by Gazebook, Sicily Photobook Festival in ‪‎PuntaSecca‬ and it will be run by me. The aim of the workshop is the making of a collective photographic zine: participants are required to take part to the planning via email, they commit themselves in the production of images on assignment, and they will contribute to the editing, printing and trimming part during the workshop. "Cutting You!" because through the work and the suggestion from each participants we will come out with a collective publication where the vision of the single will melt in the projection of the group.


The number of partecipants will be up 12 and it will be running in italian, but english speakers are more than welcome.

For more info write to photogazebook@gmail.com and don't forget to check out the all program, you'll even save the 10% on the overall fee if you sign-up for two workshops


so basically #cuttingyou! will be your shrimp cocktail 🍤🍤🍤