Release of “Beyond The Dust”


“Beyond The Dust” (2018) is my most recent publication as part of the project “The Untitled Box”, an ongoing collection of self-published fanzines and artist books. The collection contains (for now): “As I Was Following You” (2010), “You Are Here” (2012), “Would” (2014), “A Million Stars (far from you)” (2017) and “Beyond The Dust” (2018). The project was displayed twice in November 2018 at two special locations dedicated to photo book culture – first in Rome at Oneroom, and then Brussels at Tipibookshop – and in each venue, I made a collage with images from the series. The collection takes the shape of publications where the book, as an object itself, establishes an order suggested by the pages, its number, dimensions and the relationship between the white and the weight of images. The installation, however, develops from the deconstruction, metaphorically and physically, of all five publications in a “tableau”, where the multiple layers offered by the publications eventually overlap in a unique surface, establishing a new vision, made up of combinations and infinite possibilities of association.